Cobots: Revolutionizing Welding Amid Skilled Worker Shortage

Posted by Brandon Stover on Apr 3, 2024 9:53:47 AM

In recent years, the manufacturing industry has faced a significant challenge – a shortage of skilled welders. As businesses strive to maintain and improve their welding processes, many are turning to innovative solutions, and one technology is standing out: collaborative robots, or cobots. Let's dive into how cobots, are addressing the shortage of welders and bringing significant value to businesses through the welding process.

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Safeguard Your Welders and Maximize Efficiency Without the Fume

Posted by Rachel Turner on May 31, 2023 9:16:23 AM

In the fast-paced world of welding, staying ahead of market demands is crucial. The team at ABICOR BINZEL USA is committed to continuously expanding their range of top-notch welding fume extraction solutions. The latest addition to their impressive lineup is a robotic welding torch xFUME® ABIROB® AF500, which integrates seamlessly into your robotic welding cells.

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Fume Extraction: What Is It? Why Do I Need It?

Posted by Rachel Turner on May 9, 2023 1:39:03 PM

Maximize safety and efficiency in your welding shop with ABICOR BINZEL's xFUME® line - the ultimate solution for fume extraction.

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Robots & Robotic Welding Torches | ABB Robotics x ABICOR BINZEL

Posted by Scott Huber on Mar 31, 2022 11:18:00 AM

As technology advances, your workplace must adapt to keep up with the need. That period of adapting will look different for everyone, as some operations needs are on a much smaller scale than others. For those in larger manufacturing plants, the push to automate has become a more prevalent move. Productivity is the name of the game and to keep up, operations must be able to repeat their tasks quickly and efficiently.

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Seam Tracking and Welding Peripherals: ABICOR BINZEL x Yaskawa Motoman

Posted by Scott Huber on Mar 10, 2022 8:00:00 AM

With the current state of the welding industry as it sits now, we are seeing a lot of manufacturers moving away from manual to create a more automated process. With this comes a host of new welding equipment that can benefit your process, from improving repeatability and traceability, to increasing productivity and general performance.

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Seam Tracking and Automation Solutions | BINZEL x ABB Robotics

Posted by Scott Huber on Mar 8, 2022 8:00:00 AM

When it comes to providing value through collaboration, the duo of ABB Robotics and ABICOR BINZEL does just that by innovating and integrating automation solutions for you.

With a top-of-the-line ABB robot, with welding torches and peripherals added to the table from BINZEL, customers can be sure they are receiving the highest-quality welding equipment available. 

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Robotic Welding with ABICOR BINZEL & Yaskawa Motoman

Posted by Jeff Barron on Mar 4, 2022 9:24:02 AM

ABICOR BINZEL manufactures high quality MIG welding products and peripheral equipment, from torch cleaning stations to torch exchange stations. In addition, BINZEL has a complete line of sensors, from laser seam tracking to automated weld inspection. 

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Automation in Pipe Welding: ABICOR BINZEL x Novarc Technologies

Posted by Justin Brodehl on Jan 31, 2022 2:56:08 PM

Automation is one of the leading trends in the pipe welding industry today because pipe fabrication shops are looking for ways to increase productivity and quality, while trying to combat the shortage of qualified welders. ABICOR BINZEL has partnered with Novarc Technologies to resolve this problem and provide a meaningful solution that improves this production process. BINZEL serves as Novarc's global sales and service partner for the Spool Welding Robot (SWR), continuing our efforts to provide exceptional product and service quality. This partnership is delivering massive productivity and quality increases, making our customers more competitive in the markets they serve. 

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Weld Process Monitoring for Industry 4.0

Posted by Jay Flowers on Sep 20, 2021 2:08:20 PM

Industry 4.0 is all about the ongoing transition into an even smarter, automated manufacturing world, using new developments in technology to get us there. Through the use of intelligent, automated technology, we are able to communicate more efficiently, collect data with advanced traceability, and create human-like interactions between machines and computers.

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Robotic Air-Cooled Welding Torches: Problems and Solutions

Posted by Dale Johnson on Mar 29, 2021 8:58:04 AM

Robotic MIG welding requires a choice between which type of welding torch to use in your operation. The option between water-cooled and air-cooled torches requires weighing the pros and cons because making your decision. Each torch has its benefits and downfalls that can alter the productivity of your operation.

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