Fume Extraction: What Is It? Why Do I Need It?

Posted by Rachel Turner on May 9, 2023 1:39:03 PM
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Maximize safety and efficiency in your welding shop with ABICOR BINZEL's xFUME® line - the ultimate solution for fume extraction.

What are Fume Extraction Solutions?

Fume extraction systems were specifically created to safeguard welders against hazardous fumes generated during welding. These systems capture and contain fumes within the workplace, preventing them from spreading beyond the welding area, and thereby ensuring optimal air quality and the safety of all plant personnel. By extracting fumes at the source, our solutions offer the highest level of protection possible for welders and other workers.


xFUME® FG Series Fume Extraction MIG Guns

The xFUME® series of MIG welding guns are specifically engineered to extract and eliminate hazardous weld fumes and metal dust right at the welding arc. Our high-flow source capture torch design effectively captures fumes and prevents them from spreading into the surrounding environment, ensuring that welders and other personnel are able to breathe clean air while they work. With ABICOR BINZEL's xFUME® Fume Extraction MIG welding guns, you can rest assured that the safety and well-being of your workers are our top priority.


xFUME ® MIG Guns Features and Benefits:

  • High-flow design collects more smoke than other fume extraction guns at the welding arc

  • Direct extraction protects the welder's breathing zone and plant air quality

  • Lightweight cable and ergonomic design handle is 15% to 30% lighter than competitors 

  • Threaded, tapered front-end welding consumables improve welder access and fume capture capability

  • Ergonomic handle with fume extraction control and swivel joint optimizes comfort

  • Suitable with flux-cored, solid, and metal-cored welding wire 

  • A variety of suction shroud options collect fumes effectively in any weld position


xFUME® PRO Fume Extraction MIG Guns

The xFUME® PRO represents the cutting edge in source capture fume extraction MIG guns from ABICOR BINZEL. Our engineers have made significant improvements to the frontend design and internal components of the gun, resulting in a product that is both lighter and more efficient than any previous xFUME® fume extraction gun.

Thanks to these enhancements, the xFUME® PRO is now the lightest and most efficient fume extraction MIG gun in our product lineup. Welders will appreciate the reduced weight, which helps to minimize fatigue and improve overall comfort during extended use. Meanwhile, the increased flow ensures that fumes are captured and removed from the weld area more effectively than ever before.


xFUME® PRO MIG Guns Features and Benefits:

  • 20% less weight than previous xFUME® fume extraction torch models
  • 10% more suction power than previous xFUME® fume extraction torch models
  • Slimmer frontend design for better access to weld joints
  • Coarse-threaded, nickel-plated nozzle resists spatter build-up
  • Patented ergonomic, rubberized grip handle with ball joint optimizes comfort
  • Suitable with flux-cored, solid, and metal-cored welding wire 
  • A variety of suction shroud options collect fumes effectively in any weld position
  • The protective cable cover is offered as standard


Pair it with the xFUME® ADVANCED!

To fully realize the performance benefits of the xFUME® PRO, we recommend pairing it with our xFUME ADVANCED fume extraction vacuum systems.


At ABICOR BINZEL, we understand that welding operations come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer a comprehensive xFUME® fume extraction product line that can be easily integrated into any existing operation. By coordinating a high-vacuum system with a high-vacuum welding gun, we're able to extract fumes directly at the source, ensuring maximum efficiency and a clear view of the arc.

Our xFUME® PRO is no exception - it can be connected to any wire feeder or welding machine on the market, thanks to our various connector kits and adapters. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of the xFUME® PRO's cutting-edge fume extraction technology without needing to purchase new equipment.

Whether you're looking to improve worker safety, meet environmental regulations, or simply improve the quality of your welding operation, the xFUME® PRO and other products from ABICOR BINZEL are the ideal solutions.


xFUME® ROBO Robotic Fume Extraction

The xFUME® ROBO is a fume extraction solution that is both highly effective and incredibly easy to implement. Our patent-pending design is unique in the industry and can be easily attached to the front module of any ABICOR BINZEL robotic welding torch. By fitting directly over the welding arc, the xFUME® ROBO is able to capture and extract weld fumes with unparalleled efficiency.

Compared to hooded systems or ambient air solutions, the xFUME® ROBO is a much simpler and more streamlined option. It requires no additional equipment or infrastructure and can be easily installed in just a few minutes. Despite its simplicity, the xFUME® ROBO is incredibly effective at keeping welders and other workers safe from harmful fumes.

If you're looking for a fume extraction solution that is both easy to use and highly effective, the xFUME® ROBO is the ideal choice. With its unique design and innovative technology, it is the perfect way to ensure that your welding operation is as safe and efficient as possible.


xFUME® ROBO Features and Benefits:

  • Captures weld fumes within the robotic cell without the need for hoods or ambient air
  • Eliminates the need for expensive hooded robot cell systems
  • Pairs with a portable or centralized fume extraction system
  • Quickly removable for neck replacement due to crash maintenance. 
  • Fits all standard ABICOR BINZEL robotic welding torches & necks - ABIROB® and ROBO WH
  • Packages available for all widely used robot OEMs

IndustriFume™ Fume Extraction System

IndustriFume fits 4 or more fume extraction guns or hose kits and captures up to 99.9%* of welding fumes. Use IndustriFume with a flexible hose package or hard duct to an overhead system.


IndustriFume Features & Benefits:

  • Fit 4 to 6 fume extraction welding guns or kits to a single unit for increased space efficiency
  • Automatic filter cleaning with a programmable pulse controller
  • Powerful motor and sturdy design reach a high static pressure to capture fumes even at high parameters
  • Works ideally with manual fume extraction or connected to multiple robotic welding cells
  • User-friendly setup lets you use flexible hoses or hard ducting to meet your operating needs
  • A soft start to reduce initial amperage spikes
  • Clean Cell Technology™ - Pair with xFume™ source capture solutions for optimal performance


Fume Extraction Solutions

As the standard for welding safety in the workplace has increased, the need for innovative solutions has created an industry demand. Fume solutions are at the forefront of these standard changes, with many plants concerned about the spread of harmful smoke traveling and hindering the workplace.

Our guiding belief is that source capture fume extraction welding is the most effective means to limit weld fume exposure and protect your most valued asset: your people. Source capture means that the welding fume is extracted from the arc and filtered into a nearby fume extraction system. This limits the fume's ability to spread to other parts of the plant and expose workers.

The solution to fume exposure is extracting fumes around the welder's breathing space. Our systems are designed to clean your facility from the source of your welding to the fumes that may escape into the air. We offer solutions for all fume extraction welding needs and strive to be leaders in a safety-driven advancement for the industry.


ABICOR BINZEL Fume Extraction Products

ABICOR BINZEL's xFUME® Fume Extraction Solutions are a game-changer when it comes to ensuring optimal fume extraction safety in a wide range of welding applications, including yours. Our comprehensive line of fume extraction products are specifically tailored to meet the needs of both manual and robotic welding operations. With our cutting-edge solutions, fume extraction becomes a hassle-free and highly effective process that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow. Ensure your welding operation is equipped with the necessary safety measures by choosing ABICOR BINZEL's xFUME® Fume Extraction Solutions.

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