Safeguard Your Welders and Maximize Efficiency Without the Fume

Posted by Rachel Turner on May 31, 2023 9:16:23 AM
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In the fast-paced world of welding, staying ahead of market demands is crucial. The team at ABICOR BINZEL USA is committed to continuously expanding their range of top-notch welding fume extraction solutions. The latest addition to their impressive lineup is a robotic welding torch xFUME® ABIROB® AF500, which integrates seamlessly into your robotic welding cells.


The key advantage of the xFUME® ABIROB® AF500 lies in its ability to tackle welding fumes from high-duty cycle applications without compromising the quality or reach of the weld. BINZEL product engineers achieved this through its ingeniously designed slim integrated fume torch. The AF500 offers unimpeded maneuverability, clear visibility, precision, and productivity without compromising the health and safety of the entire staff.



The importance of addressing fume exposure in welding cannot be overstated. With ABICOR BINZEL’s advanced fume extraction systems, the priority is the safety of welders and the surrounding environment. By targeting the source of fumes, risks are eliminated with fume exposure, creating a clean and breathable workspace. The xFUME® ABIROB AF500® sets a new standard in fume extraction, especially in an era where machines generate more fumes due to higher duty cycles. BINZEL recognizes the importance of safeguarding the health and safety of welders, along with meeting stringent regulatory standards. When the ABIROB® AF 500 is paired with the xFUME® ADVANCED and/or the Industrifume™, it delivers exceptional at-source fume extraction, ensuring compliance with ISO Health and Safety guidelines, particularly ISO-21904.


When it comes to selecting a fume extraction solution provider for your welding needs, there is a reason that ABICOR BINZEL stands out as a trusted and reliable choice. With their industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, comprehensive product range, quality and reliability, compliance with standards, excellent customer support, and commitment to sustainability, BINZEL is able to provide you with fume extraction solutions that enhance safety and efficiency in your welding operations. Invest in ABICOR BINZEL fume extraction systems and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're prioritizing the well-being of your workforce and the sustainability of your operations. 

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