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Posted by Scott Huber on Mar 31, 2022 11:18:00 AM
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As technology advances, your workplace must adapt to keep up with the need. That period of adapting will look different for everyone, as some operations needs are on a much smaller scale than others. For those in larger manufacturing plants, the push to automate has become a more prevalent move. Productivity is the name of the game and to keep up, operations must be able to repeat their tasks quickly and efficiently.

ABB Robotics is a pioneer in robot and automation technology. When partnered with ABICOR BINZEL, the two powerhouses come together to bring robust welding torches and robots to manufacturing plants across the country. The value behind this collaboration speaks for itself, namely through the products, but we will highlight some of the benefits the two companies bring together that can in turn help you. 


ABB provides a comprehensive range of robots to fit your welding needs. They are a manufacturer of 6 axis robotic arms and have products from material handling, MIG robots, MIG welding, and arc welding robots.

ABB is always looking to provide a solution that is very repeatable and robust. As they develop new products over time, they seek for faster, more accurate technology that can add value to the marketplace.

“Our robots, if you go out into the field, there are many that are 15, 20, 30 years old and they’re still in production, still really good robots.”

               - Matt Conklin, Welding Applications Engineer – ABB Robotics

In addition to the robot itself, ABB has created an offline programming tool called RobotStudio that allows a simulation of offline programming to be done via PCs in the office, rather than shutting down production. ABB is making it extremely simple to take that offline programming, put it into the robot, and get what you wanted out of the robot as close as possible in real life. Being able to be immersed into the virtual reality of the programming allows for a more in-depth approach. In turn, ABB is seeing an increase in return on investments with the robot as more and more people get used to this way of programming.


On our end at BINZEL, we provide top of the line welding torches, both water-cooled and air-cooled, that are paired with the ABB robots.These torches are highly repeatable and are continuously precise for most welding processes. The benefits of these torches are made possible by the innovative and simple torch construction.

By creating a package of high-quality robotic welding technology, with the addition of automation peripherals from BINZEL, the collaboration with ABB provides significant value to customers looking to get an “all-in-one” solution.

“A lot of it comes down to a nice selection of arms from ABB… a strong offering within the arc welding segment, which is where we really operate in. Very solid package from that standpoint.”

               - Tom Graham, Key Accounts Group Director – ABICOR BINZEL



When working as closely as our two companies do, our teams integrate in terms of service.

On one hand, knowledge of products and their use is shared between both the ABB and BINZEL teams. When one team needs the assistance of the other, we are able to work well together to ensure we are sharing knowledge and understanding to better resolve the customer’s needs. On the other hand, we have many members of our Key Accounts Team who are more knowledgeable on the technical side and work directly with the ABB team at their facility to facilitate the integration process and answer any issues that arise after.

Over the years, it’s evident that both teams have extreme talent that improves daily. Working together is an added benefit for not only the growth of our teams, but for all customers in the end.

The welding industry, like many, will continue to evolve as technology changes. Adapting is a necessity for many who must meet the demands they are seeing from their customers. Being able to work with ABB is extremely valuable as we can continue to work on applications and bring together all of the knowledge, education, and technical support to the product.

The partnership between ABB and BINZEL will continue as both companies continue to grow in the manufacturing industry. As technology develops, so do we. Ultimately, we are both seeking to provide the best solution we can to the welding world and have a similar path of goals and vision for the future.

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