Automation in Pipe Welding: ABICOR BINZEL x Novarc Technologies

Posted by Justin Brodehl on Jan 31, 2022 2:56:08 PM

Automation is one of the leading trends in the pipe welding industry today because pipe fabrication shops are looking for ways to increase productivity and quality, while trying to combat the shortage of qualified welders. ABICOR BINZEL has partnered with Novarc Technologies to resolve this problem and provide a meaningful solution that improves this production process. BINZEL serves as Novarc's global sales and service partner for the Spool Welding Robot (SWR), continuing our efforts to provide exceptional product and service quality. This partnership is delivering massive productivity and quality increases, making our customers more competitive in the markets they serve. 


For years, BINZEL and Novarc have partnered together to bring welders an "all-inclusive" welding solution. The addition of a BINZEL robotic welding torch on the end of the collaborative welding machine has been an integral part of what makes this technology exceptional. 

 Companies who have invested in the SWR have increased their productivity up 200-350 diameter inches per shift and have dropped their repair rate to less than 1%. Changes like this are what make customers more competitive when taking on and acquiring new jobs. 

In addition to the robotic welding torch, BINZEL add high-quality welding peripherals to the tables, increasing the unparalleled quality of this welding automation technology.

BINZEL includes...

  • Master Liner
  • EWR Gas Management System
  • Smart Booster
  • TH6 Seam Tracker
  • Ceramic Spray
  • ABI-Cool Coolant
  • ABICOR Gas Diffusor
  • ABICOR Tip Insulator
  • ABICOR Contact Tip 045 in M8

As a leader in providing the highest quality products to our customers, BINZEL values the addition of these products on the SWR and understands that the collaboration is providing real, robust solutions for many welding needs. 

With the full functioning kit, including the EWR, Smart Booster, TH6, and Master Liner, added to the SWR and ABIROB Torch, the productivity gains, weld quality, and effectiveness of the machine are all at a much higher level. BINZEL is able to add all of these products to the SWR, which is great for customers to get exposure to these products and understand how they are able to improve their process just by adding new technology to their setup. For Novarc, customers are pleased with how seamless these products work together to generate an ideal outcome. 


Aside from the technology added to the product itself, the relationship side of the partnership between these two companies is what takes this to the next level. With Novarc based in Vancouver, our team at ABICOR BINZEL is able to provide service to potential Novarc customers in the United States. Something we bring to the table, that has proven to be a valuable asset, is our work with installations. We have a few members of the team who work on-site during the installation process at customer sites who are able to provide any necessary support needed during that time. 

Bill Hall, a Key Accounts Manager for ABICOR BINZEL, works as our primary person on-site during the install process. Over the years, Bill has spent time in a number of facilities setting up and training teams on their newest automation equipment. This type of hands-on learning with customers is something we value greatly and another service aspect that sets BINZEL and Novarc apart from others.

Bill Hall - SWR                Bill Hall - SWR 2

Quality and Innovation

Novarc is a great company to work with. They are always innovating, looking for ways to continue improving welders' jobs, and stepping up their own high-quality technology. The breakthrough in productivity that occurs with the installation and usage of this equipment is due the the constant evolution and advancement of the SWR. 

One of the many reasons that this partnership works so well is the shared determination for advancement in automation. BINZEL has a background in welding automation and robotics, which was a standout highlight for Novarc during their decision-making process of who to work with in the welding world. Between BINZEL's wealth of knowledge with additional industry leverage, and Novarc's new, high-quality, solution-based welding invention, the two can lean on each other and bring more to the table in this industry.

Real Results

As more and more customers install a SWR in their facility, both teams are able to see the real-life effects of this technology in pipe welding. 

" We have shown more than half a dozen of our customers around the machine. It's a powerful message to our clients that we are investing in a piece of technology that's going to make the work we do for them less expensive, higher quality, and take fewer hours. People really respect businesses that invest in their business rather than do other things with the cash they generate. "

              - Paul Hebson, VP & General Manager at Vancouver Drydock

When we highlight some of those points, especially to potential customers, we are able to show them that this technology is making a real change to the driving factors that would make you consider a change to your current setup. The combination of this welding technology working together, allows for the production of the highest quality welds, safely and efficiently. 

" We're now going after projects that we were shying away from because of the size. Since we have implemented the SWR, we have been spooling a lot more and we are also taking on bigger projects, knowing that we have the capabilities of the welding in place. So, it's actually helped us go after some projects that we were not going after before. " 

             - Cyrus Patel, Piping Superintendent at Western Allied Mechanical

This type of message shows customers that welding equipment of this caliber can perform to the level that you need it to. Investing into something that can deliver real results, is the reason BINZEL and Novarc continue to partner and push for persistent innovation with this robotic welding machine. 

All in all, Novarc has developed a ground-breaking robotic pipe welding machine that has seen great success in the industry today. With the addition of BINZEL as a partner, the two pair perfectly to deliver automation with high-quality products and services, that leave you with positive end results. 

Interested in learning more? Check out the SWR and talk with one of our welding professionals today. 

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