The Problems With Push-Pull & Spool Guns That FreedomDrive™ Solves

Posted by James Study on Jun 1, 2021 8:51:25 AM

Those experienced in push-pull welding understand the challenges that can arise when using this type of equipment. When it comes to ensuring consistent and problem-free wire feeding, you can frequently experience issues or limitations - some being tied specifically to your push-pull welding gun.

The FreedomDrive™, ABICOR BINZEL USA's newest product addition, was designed to resolve many issues commonly experienced in push-pull welding applications. 


Let's consider three common problems welders face when welding with a push-pull or spool-welding MIG gun and how the FreedomDrive™ Push-Pull System can provide a better solution. 


Typical hand-held push-pull guns are heavy, bulky, and create an uncomfortable experience for welders. Welding gun weight can even lead to muscle strain and injuries. The additional weight of a gear-motor and/or wire spool, located directly at the gun handle, leads to increased welder fatigue, which often results in decreased production.

The FreedomDrive™ moves the weight out of the operator's hands and places it approximately six feet rearward within the cable. The result is up to a 55% weight reduction for welders compared to standard push-pull guns. This weight savings results in reduced exertion and increased productivity throughout a typical workday. Convenient D-rings are placed on both ends of the FreedomDrive™ to provide secure mounting points for positioning the drive in the optimal location and at the ideal angle. This is especially helpful for aerial work, welding large products like tanks, trailers, boats, buses, or similar large objects. Creating mobility and comfort is what sets the FreedomDrive apart from standard push-pull MIG guns. 


Accessibility can be a major issue due to the longer lengths of inline style push-pull gun handles. In the case of pistol grip push-pulls, the T-handle shape further reduces accessibility.

SpoolGunEven more of an issue are spool guns, which combine the features of a pistol grip T-handle with a 4" diameter wire spool mounted on top. FreedomDrive™ utilizes a small and short ergonomic handle with a ball and socket joint. This provides unmatched comfort and accessibility to welds, which would have been strenuous or impossible with traditional push-pull and spool guns.

By moving the pull drive mechanism further rearward within the cable, the FreedomDrive™ can be paired with one of our lightweight ABIMIG™ guns. ABIMIG necks are rotatable 360 degrees and can be easily exchanged for a wide variety of special geometry necks to access complex welding joints. ABIMIG_ExtendedTrigger


Traditional push-pull guns are considered complex and difficult to repair. Due to the added weight, failures often occur to the gear-motors when the gun handle is dropped repeatably.

FreedomDrive BlogFreedomDrive™ utilizes a standard MIG gun front end design, so accidentally dropping this working part of the welding gun will cause no significant damage. The drive assist module is located approximately six feet behind the gun handle, resting on the floor, or securely suspended to a bench, beam, etc. 

Maintenance and productivity are also improved thanks to the modular three component design. The three modules consist of the front gun cable, FreedomDrive™ module, and rear cable. Any defective component can quickly be exchanged, allowing the operator to resume work while the problem component is repaired offline. 

In conclusion, the requirement for weight-saving alloys such as aluminum will continue to expand in the future, and the tools utilized to apply those alloys must improve to support such demands. There are a host of reasons to make the switch from traditional push-pull guns to the FreedomDrive™; freedom from the weight, freedom from accessibility issues, and freedom from the typical maintenance concerns. 

FreedomDrive™ can make your process easier, more comfortable, and ultimately - freeing. 

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