New Product Release: FreedomDrive™ - Push-Pull System

Posted by Tyler Caudle on Apr 15, 2021 9:50:54 AM

ABICOR BINZEL North America is excited to announce the launch of their latest solution; the FreedomDrive push-pull system  

The FreedomDrive push-pull system is designed to free the welder oFreedomDrive_01-1f the typical heavy, bulky handheld push-pull gun; giving the welder a more comfortable, reliable, and efficient way to weld in push-pull applications. 

Here’s how it works: 

The FreedomDrive utilizes an assist drive approximately 6’ downstream of our standard, lightweight gun handle. The assist drive is powered directly from select push-pull ready power sources, or by a separate ABICOR BINZEL power control box. 

In either case, the assist motor will feed slightly faster than the main wire feeder, which places tension on the weld wire through the rear cable assembly. This allows the wire to be fed over longer distances than a typical push only MIG gun. 

What are the Benefits? 

The AT/WT guns that come with the FreedomDrive use the same handle and consumables as our popular ABIMIG® AT/WT guns. This gives the welder longer consumable life, and a lightweight gun designed with ergonomics as a top priority. 

Flexibility is the highlight of the FreedomDrive. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, access to parts is also improved by relocating the bulky drive components from the handle, to 6’ down the cable. On top of that, the FreedomDrive comes in 20’ and 30’ length options, giving you the freedom to move around as needed. 


For more information on FreedomDrive visit the product page at or contact your local ABICOR BINZEL representative. 

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