Efficient Fume Extraction MIG Welding Without the Weight

Posted by Tyler Caudle on Oct 4, 2022 9:00:00 AM

We at ABICOR BINZEL USA continue to add to our ever-expanding line of high-quality welding fume extraction solutions with the latest addition being the xFUME® PRO lightweight fume extraction MIG gun!

xFUME PRO Lightweight Fume Extraction MIG Gun

A concern of a lot of welders who are looking at fume extraction MIG guns is the size and weight of the gun. With the xFUME® PRO, we were able to reduce the weight by 20% when compared to previous xFUME® torch models. To do this, we implemented a slightly slimmer internal fume nozzle/shroud and neck design, increased the negative space in the handle, and implemented our lightweight Bikox® cable.

Besides the weight; to improve ergonomics, a ball joint, extended trigger option, and rubberized grips were added to the handle - similar to the design of our ABIMIG® guns. With these ergonomic features and lightweight design, the xFUME® PRO is closer than ever to feeling like a standard MIG gun while welding.


Not only has the xFUME® PRO improved upon the weight and feel of previous versions, but fume capture performance as well. The xFUME® PRO has an increased flow of 10% through the gun compared to previous xFUME® torch models. To maximize flow, we took a long look at the internals of the neck, handle, and extraction hose.

To increase the negative space, the neck was slimmed down just enough to still be able to handle the higher amperages that a lot of welding demands. In the handle, pieces were reduced or removed to not impede flow or cause turbulence. With these advancements, using the xFUME® PRO fume extraction torch is possible in more welding positions, angles, and levels of vacuum performance.


Overall, the goal of the xFUME® PRO is to improve the working conditions of the welder. Not only by protecting them from toxic welding fumes, but also by reducing the physical impact of welding day-in and day-out.

For optimal performance, pair the xFUME® PRO with ABICOR BINZEL’s xFUME® ADVANCED fume extraction units.

Both the xFUME PRO and the xFUME ADVANCED are available for you to demo. Reach out to your local area ABICOR BINZEL District Sales Manager to schedule a demo, or receive a quote.

Check the xFUME PRO out for yourself by clicking below!


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