Welding procedures in aluminum processing

Posted by Prof. Emil Schubert on Mar 31, 2023 4:15:00 AM

Electric cars, hybrid vehicles, modern transport systems for freight traffic – the future belongs to electromobility. More product functions mean more electronics, which in turn mean more weight for the designs. On the other hand, there are the legal regulations for reducing emissions, which can often only be complied with or fulfilled by reducing weight. One solution is the use of lightweight materials for constructions of modern transport systems, such as aluminum. But aluminum tends to be a bit of a "diva". You need very specific prerequisites and welding equipment to weld aluminum alloys properly. Process reliability is a top priority in aluminum processing.

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5 Tips on how to properly weld aluminum

Posted by Jörg Reips on Apr 30, 2020 12:31:58 PM

What really matters when welding aluminum

Frames of bicycles or motorcycles, trailers for trucks, profiles of rail vehicles, materials in space travel – aluminum is THE material when it comes to reducing weight and still achieving stability. In addition, a beautifully welded aluminum seam is a real eye-catcher.

Topics: Aluminum Welding