How Delta's Design Delivers Value

Posted by John Esposito on Mar 21, 2017 1:56:00 PM
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When deciding on a new welding torch, value is everything. Value means you are getting the best performance, the easiest maintenance, and most comfortable usage for your competitive purchasing dollars. And when considering what value is when you’re looking at all the MIG gun options out there to try, superior design will deliver that value time and again. And if that design comes from the very same kind people who will end up using the final product, then you know you have a welding gun that was designed with the welder in mind.

Delta Profile.jpgLook at the Delta MIG, and how ABICOR BINZEL took more than 3 years of customer input and on-the-job testing from welders all over North America to create such a torch. The design is exceptional in every way, especially given how it performs and how much life it has. The things that matter to welders and engineers - the Delta delivers. Consider the features that are important to you when choosing a welding torch:

#1 Ease of Maintenance:

The Delta’s modular design means it’s built the exact same way front to back. The front end cable fitting is exactly the same as the rear, making them interchangeable. Why’s this important? Well, think about your cable life, and how the bulk of the wear and tear to your cable occurs at the front of the torch at the base of the swan neck. Once the wear to that front end becomes so great it begins to affect the performance of the torch, with the Delta’s modular design that doesn’t mean it’s time to order a new cable assembly. You can interchange the cable so that worn front end now becomes your back end connector – where it avoids hear damage – and that fresher back end side connects to your front end assembly. This change is easily done by your in-house repair techs or even the welder with no tools required, resulting in 30% more cable life based on on-the-job feedback.

#2 High Performance:

Performance comes from design and build. These Delta torches are all made and assembled by hand in the USA. That means you’re getting high quality American craftsmanship every time you open a Delta package. But performance is more than just the hands that build it. The design features also play a big part. With the Delta, the removable and positional swan necks allow welders to rotate the neck to any position. The Delta is more than equipped to handle high temperature variations, as well. If you’re maxing out on your 300-amp model, you don’t need to put it down to grab a 400-amp torch. Simply put a 400-amp neck into the 300-amp torch assembly within seconds using a simple Allen wrench and get the job done.

You never want to lose power either because of a loose design. The Delta has fantastic heat transfer from it’s cone compressed clamping design. Whether clamping to the neck or the rear pin, the fit is snug and the connection secure so you never are wasting amperage output when you press the trigger.

#3 Comfort:

For welders, staying fresh and reducing fatigue is a big part of the job. It’s physically demanding – anyone who’s done it will tell you, so have gun that makes the job less demanding is welcomed provided it’s up to the task.

The handle design of the Delta gives the welder a lot of flexibility in how to handle the torch. Well balanced and ergonomic, it’s rubber inlay across the entire handle gives it a secure grip. On the end of the handle the Delta comes with a ball and socket to keep the wrist action for the welder nice and loose as they change the torch position to adjust to the welding piece.

The trigger options cater to the welder’s preference. Buried, raised, or lock-out options mean you can reduce trigger damage, perform two-stage dual schedule welds, or prevent accidental trigger activation. 

Since the Delta comes with both a standard and lightweight cable, the difference should be noted in the wire strands. For the standard, we use solid copper stranded wire. With our lightweight Delta option, we use aluminum stranded wire that is copper coated. That difference in the metal gauge makes the lightweight not just a little lighter – there’s 40% less weight for your welder to carry around while he or she is on the job, keeping them fresh.


#4 Superior Value:

The nozzle, contact tips, and tip holders are all made of the best and most heat-resistant material that guarantee that high performance noted above. Value is the life you’ll get out of the things you’ll need to replace the most.

For our nozzles we use nickel chrome plated nozzle for the longest nozzle life out there. Again, the heat transfer on it is unmatched. The coarse-threaded design on the nozzles resist binding and spatter buildup and stays concentric with the tip holder. The Delta nozzle also has a high temp molded insulator so it operates a cooler temperature than your average nozzle. This helps the Delta nozzle last 5 to 10 times longer than competitive torch nozzles.

Our contact tips come in a variety of materials – copper, silver plated, or copper chrome zirconium. But all of them withstand heat at rates better than your industry average, and resist spatter build up better than the rest. That means you spend less on consumables and get better value out of them. The tip holder diffusers are seated to ensure concentricity, coarse threaded with debris grooves for less binding, and are designed with large, precisely placed opening for the best gas coverage out there.

So all of these features of the Delta must make this an expensive MIG gun, right? You’d be wrong. Compare it to the competition, and you’ll find the Delta delivers these not so standard features for an unmatched value when measured against the comps.

Want to learn more? Visit the Delta product page to see the torch ratings.

Interested in seeing how the Delta stacks up first hand? Contact your distributor, or ask your local ABICOR BINZEL Sales Manager to set up a demo.

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