Weekly Maintenance on a TMS-VI Front Injector for Cleaning Stations

Posted by Danny Seddon on Aug 20, 2018 8:45:25 AM
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The front injector TMS-VI is nearly service-free.

However, it is important to carry out regular cleaning and inspection of the mechanical parts to make sure the equipment is fully functional and has a long life cycle. For correct setup procedure, see the manual provided with each unit.


Before carrying out cleaning, servicing & repair work the following shut down procedure must be followed.

  • Switch off the robot control.
  • Shut-off the compressed air supply.
Make sure that this remains the case throughout the entire time you are servicing the machine.


Step  1 

TMS-V1 Weekly Service_Blog-1
  • Using compressed air blow off any debris which has settled on and around the front injector. Eye protection should be worn.







Step  2 

  • TMS-V1 Weekly Service_Blog-2Disconnect the air supply (A) to the venturi valve along with the fluid hose  to the adjuster (B)
  • Blow compressed air into air supply (A) to remove any debris from the injector.
  • NOTE: Ensure that the air supply is      re-connected to A & the fluid hose is    re-connected to B.





Step  3 

TMS-V1 Weekly Service_Blog-3
  • Check the collection tray and if necessary remove any blockage from the drain hole.







Step  4 

TMS-V1 Weekly Service_Blog-4

  • Check the level of anti-spatter. Depending on the number of shifts / welding hours this may need to be   done daily.
  • We recommend only BINZEL anti-spatter fluid is used.


 Waste anti-spatter fluid should never be        re-used as this could cause system blockages 





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