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Posted by Florian Görlitz on Mar 5, 2021 11:20:46 AM

EWR 2 gas management system for welding: saves gas right from the start!

What makes a company a Green Factory? Everything that has to do with sustainability. Using renewable raw materials, grow organically, use of solar energy, save CO2 ... these are all approaches that can make our world a little better. One or the other can also be implemented in welding technology and fortunately it is becoming increasingly important for companies to do something to protect our environment. The trend is towards becoming a so-called Green Factory. ABICOR BINZEL can support you or your company on the way to the Green Factory. Or expand your status as a Green Factory.


In addition to the photovoltaic system on the hall roof, how about recyclable packaging or charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles, also reduce the consumption of shielding gas in your production – and thus reduce CO2 emissions and save money at the same time? With the EWR 2 gas management system from ABICOR BINZEL you can do exactly that. With ABICOR BINZEL you pave the way towards a future-oriented, valuable Green Factory.

The smart way to reduce gas consumption

Just a few users think about gas when welding. Gas is there. You turn on the gas tap, let it flow for a while and then start the arc. Better safe than sorry, because too little shielding gas coverage is punished with pore formation and that means rejects. Therefore, the welder prefers to let the gas flow a little longer. A large part of the shielding gas is lost in the process without having served its purpose. At the same time, depending on the composition of the gas, CO2 is released into the environment in a completely unnecessary manner.


Even during welding, the gas flow of the shielding gas is very often set much too high, following the motto »a lot helps a lot«. And the gas post-flow time is often longer than necessary.

The welder, the robot operator or the welding supervisor can’t be blamed, because as a result they want a proper weld seam that meets all requirements. A gas control system, like the EWR 2, controls the gas flow synchronously with the welding current and therefore always optimally. If the gas outlet pressure changes because the cable assembly of the torch is pulled over an edge, if the gas nozzle slowly clogs with welding spatter or if counter pressures change, the EWR 2 automatically adjusts the gas flow directly and ensures a constant gas coverage. In case the inlet pressure is too low, there is no gas flow, the cable assembly is defective, the wire feeder valve is defective, there is a blockage, etc. – every fault is reported and you can actively intervene using the optional relay box. The intervention can be affected by a warning lamp signal or even stopping the process by interrupting the torch signal or stopping the robot. This permanent checking and regulation not only guarantees the highest level of process reliability, but the person responsible can also minimize or reduce gas and thus CO2 emissions with a good feeling.

EWR 2 – go green

A company can make savings of up to 60 % shielding gas if it uses the EWR 2 gas management system for manual or automated welding. Thus, this gas management system is one of the levers for making production processes more ecological and cost-efficient using the latest methods and processes.


To be precise: EWR 2 means safer, better, greener.


With EWR 2, the spot to be welded is consistently optimally covered with shielding gas. A high quality seam is thus ensured.


There is no comparable smart device for the ideal gas coverage that regulates the gas supply so quickly and reliably. For this reason the system was also patented.


The CO2 savings associated with the EWR 2 according to the motto »save from the start« ensure a climate-friendly CO2 footprint and high cost savings for gas, which at the same time supports the Green Factory status. With 50 % gas savings – mixed gas, argon with 18 % CO2 – a remarkable 870 kg of CO2 can be saved per year in a robot cell in three-shift operation and 200 working days.

It is definitely worth integrating EWR 2 into the production process with both welding robots and manual torches. In the past year, more than 30 % of all EWR 2 systems deployed in Germany were in use at manual welding stations.

Here you will find more information on the gas management system EWR 2. Let us talk about it.

Happy welding!

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