How to Fit iCAT to a Lincoln Wire Feed Unit

Posted by Danny Seddon on Sep 4, 2018 10:30:36 AM
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This quick guide will show you the correct way to install an iCAT harness to a Lincoln Wire Feed Unit to eliminate premature failing of the harness.

Step  1 

  • Remove the 5 off M5 cap head screws (3 shown & 2 underneath) and fit the wire feed unit away from the robot arm.


Step  2 

  • Drive the robot so that the J3, J4, J5 & J6 axes are all set to zero degrees.

Step  3 

  • Slide the i-CAT harness through the robot’s hollow J4. 


Step  4 


Step  5 

  • Refit the wire feed unit leaving the M5 screw loose. 


Step  6 

  • Fit the harness power pin into the wire feed unit ensuring that the power pin touches the feeding plate as shown & tighten the clamp screw.


Step  7 

  • Pull the wire feed motor as far back as possible.

Step  8 

  • At a slow speed drive the robot so that J5 moves to -90 degrees while at the same time supporting the wire feed motor so that it is able to slide forward if necessary as the harness is drawn through the hollow J4.

Step  9 

  • Tighten the 5 off M5 cap head screws.

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