iCAT A Tool Bar Settings: A Quick Guide

Posted by Danny Seddon on Sep 4, 2018 10:42:17 AM
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This quick guide will show you the correct way to install an air/gas cooled harness using the iCAT setting bar (part number 980.2153).

There is also a guide for the water/liquid cooled harness.


 TIP : Lubricate the o-rings & cable assembly connector first to enable easier installation. 


Step  1 

  • Insert the tool bar through the front of the iCAT and robot arm and screw into the cable assembly.


Step  2 

  • With the cable assembly correctly positioned, pull it into the module all the way to the end.


Step  3 

  • When fully inserted, the green o-ring in the tool bar will be flush with the connecting module interface.







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