BINZEL BASICS: Fume Extraction at Source

Posted by Danny Seddon on Jun 28, 2019 6:11:28 AM
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Every welding job generates fume or smoke that can be hazardous if inhaled. Whether you're welding mild or stainless steel, there is only one effective solution for maximum health protection....Extraction at source!!

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What is 'Extraction at source'?

On-torch extraction offers efficient fume extraction directly at its source without affecting the protective gas shield. ABICOR BINZEL's specially designed solutions guarantee highly efficient fume removal.



Extraction at source systems guarantee a highly effective protection of :

  • Primarily the welder but also...
  • their colleagues in the surrounding areas.

There are other forms of fume extraction systems available like LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) for example, but the most effective has always been extracting the fumes at the source.

As you can see from the image below, another advantage of on-torch extraction is that the welder has a clearer view of the piece they are welding due to the reduction in smoke passing their protective helmet.


With Fume Extraction v Without Fume ExtractionThe above picture clearly highlights the effectiveness on-torch extraction has on capturing the harmful welding fumes. 


How does 'Extraction at source' work?

Well, it's simple really...

How extraction at source works

The harmful fumes generated when welding are effectively captured by the outer fume nozzle (1). The fume then travels through the outer swan neck, the handle (2) and all the way down the torches cable assembly. External fume hose is attached to the torches housing at the machine end (3) and the other end is attached to the fume extraction unit (4) where the fume is successfully, and more importantly, safely captured.

Extraction in actionExtraction in action! You can clearly see the welding fume being sucked into the fume nozzle in the picture above. 


What equipment do you need?

If your considered going down the 'extraction at source' route then you require the following equipment :

  • Fume Extraction Welding Torch
  • High Vacuum Fume Unit

Fume extraction welding torches are available in air & liquid cooled versions and the most common torch lengths are 3, 4 & 5 metres. As fume extraction torches are larger than most standard MIG welding torches, it is important to choose a torch which has a lightweight cable assembly e.g. our RAB GRIP torch range. 

Fume Extraction Questionnaire

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At the end of the day, your fume extraction welding torch is only as good as the fume unit it is connected to. Therefore, make sure you choose a high vacuum system for maximum health protection e.g. our FES-200 or FEC portable extraction units.  

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NB: If your welding chrome or nickel material e.g. stainless steel, then you'll require a fume unit that has the W3 certification e.g. our FES-200 W3.

The perfect pair for clean air!Example of portable fume extraction unit

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