BINZEL BASICS: MIG torch selection, consumables & torch liners

Posted by Danny Seddon on Feb 10, 2020 11:23:55 AM
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In this blog we're going to focus on the 3 main topics concerning MIG torches & consumables, these are:

  1. Torch selection
  2. Consumables
  3. Torch liners

First up...

1. Torch selection.

Generally, there are 4 popular models of MIG torches - 3 air cooled & 1 water cooled (or liquid cooled as they are sometimes referred to as).

  • Air cooled torches range up to 290 amps (mixed gases) and up to 1.2mm wire
  • Water cooled torches range up to 450 amps (mixed gases) and up to 1.6mm wire
The chart below has been designed to help the torch selection process easier by visually highlighting each torches capabilities...


2. Consumables

Once you have chosen your MIG torch you then have to think about your consumables setup. 

Choosing the correct contact tip for your welding application is critical to produce a quality weld.

Contact_Tip_BlogUsing the wrong contact tip can create problems like overheating and wire jamming - all of which can lead to wire burn-back.

The 3 main contact tip options are:

  • Standard (E-Cu)
  • Heavy Duty (CuCrZr)
  • Silver Plated (ABITIP®)

When a MIG torch is purchased, they will be fitted with the E-Cu contact tip as standard. Heavy duty & Silver plated contact tips last longer but are more expensive.


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Regarding the gas nozzle (or shroud), there are 3 options to consider:

  • Conical (standard setup)
  • Tapered
  • Cylindrical

Below is an example of the a standard MIG torch setup and the different types of nozzles available (torch shown is the MB EVO PRO 36 air cooled MIG/MAG torch) :


Narrow Gap Consumables

If you're having access problems with the standard consumables shown above, then there is the option of fitting special narrow gap consumables to your torch (e.g. MB 36 or MB 501).

They consist of a special tip adaptor, contact tip and gas nozzle (see below options)



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3. Torch Liners

Choosing the correct torch liner is critical to prevent any wire feed problems such as wire burn back and bird nesting.

224_pim2There are 3 key factors when selecting a torch liner :

  • Are you using an air or water cooled torch?
  • Are you welding at low or high temperature?
  • Are you using a soft or hard wire?

The most common torch liners are:

  • Steel Liners e.g. for welding mild steel
  • PTFE e.g. for welding Aluminium

 Useful tip!!  We strongly recommend the use of COMBI versions (a standard liner fitted with a brass wire guide) in manual torches to increase performance, extend the life of the liner & prevent the liner from melting in the torch neck.




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Thank you once again for reading my blog!


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