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Settings for gas-shielded welding: it’s that easy

Posted by Leonardo Cropanese on Mar 8, 2022 5:44:09 AM

The valve on the gas cylinder is turned open as far as possible so that gas flows sufficiently and a safe shielding gas coverage is ensured. Finally, the weld seam should be of good quality and besides ... gas is always there. In this way, day after day, litre after litre of shielding gas flows out of the gas cylinder into the working area, and thus into the environment, completely unnecessarily. At first glance, the gas manufacturer may be pleased with the high gas consumption of the customers, whereas the bank account of the producing company and the environment are not. However, it is so easy to reduce gas consumption through the appropriate gas setting in gas-shielded welding – and this applies to robot welding as well as to manual welding. Yes, that' s right: manual welders can also have the exact amount of shielding gas supplied automatically. And they can do this completely without a pressure regulator for shielding gas.

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