ABICOR BINZEL Launches Three New ABIMIG Torches

Posted by James Study on Apr 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM

ABICOR BINZEL is excited to announce the launch of three new ABIMIG torch models to our manual MIG welding line. Our new ABIMIG AT and ABIMIG A combine the ergonomic and comfortable grip of the existing WT in an air-cooled model. The torches, which come with the one of a kind lightweight Binzel BIKOX cable, come in a 255, 355, and 415 series model to meet the amperage needs of the modern welding operator. With a ball scoket handle base and extended trigger option, the A and the AT are the most comfortable welding torches you will ever handle. The AT models (shown below) come with rotating and removable torch necks in various lengths and angles to allow operators to reach difficult to access areas both high and low, and turn 360 degrees.


In addition to the two new air-cooled ABIMIGs, we are also launching the ABIMIG W with all the features of the current and popular ABIMIG WT with a fixed neck design. Equipped with a spatter protector integrated into the nozzle and a nickel-plated nozzle that minimizes spatter adhesion, ABIMIG W (shown below) perfectly complements the WT for operators seeking the high amperage performance capability of the WT without the want of the rotating and removable torch neck.


Contact your local sales representative or distributor today and ask to see any of these torches in action.

Topics: MIG Guns & Torches