How to reduce health burden during welding

Posted by André Faber on Oct 14, 2019 7:44:46 AM
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With the new xFUME series we are eliminating harmful welding fumes.

In any manufacturing location across the world, air quality and fume control is an increasing concern. While the welder himself bears the most burden in weld fume exposure and long term health risks, it’s not limited to just the welding operator. Across the entire shop floor – from the forklift operator to administrative staff and walk the floor, exposure to weld fumes is a second hand smoke experience. Even if it’s not always visible or noxious, it’s there. There isn’t a welding operation today that in some way doesn’t need fume extraction.

The numbers are startling. According to a recent study by the University of Utah, welding is associated with a 17 percent higher risk of lung cancer irrespective other factor such as smoking or other carcinogenic exposure. And over 110 million workers worldwide are exposed to welding fumes – either as a welder or being a bystander. Governing bodies around the world are responding, as well, urging manufacturers to adopt comprehensive fume extraction solutions for welding and cutting.

With this of the forefront of our thinking and with a nod towards the needs of manufacturers to combat these increasingly startling research findings, we at ABICOR BINZEL have decided fume extraction welding cannot be just a small section of our product portfolio, but a central tenant. We need to develop solutions that keep the health of metalworkers in mind at all times – whether manual welding, robotic welding, or plasma cutting.

All told, we are extremely proud and excited to introduce our first wave of fume extraction welding technology – the xFUME line. These solutions – fume extractor units made for any budget and able to accommodate most setups, are just the first of multiple fume extraction welding solutions we will be working tirelessly on to bring to market and serve what is a clear need to welding and manufacturing professionals around the world.

xFUME FLEX – the entry into fume extraction technology

Being able to use your own equipment, not having to buy an extra torch ... who is confronted for the first time with the topic of fume extraction is excellently served with this all-rounder. Simply position the unit next to the workplace, plug it into the socket – you don't need a three-phase current but 230 or 115 volts – position the extractor hood above the torch, switch on the LED lighting and the fumes are extracted above the process. xFUME_FLEX_actionWith its castors, it is fully mobile and can roll into any position for use. The xFUME FLEX is the ideal introduction to fume extraction technology. Ideally suited for trade schools, low parameter applications, plasma cutting, grinding, and aluminum welding.

Maximum flexibility and versatility

These xFUME FLEX fume extraction units are for the extraction of fumes during manual and robotic welding. But not only that, they are equally equipped for the extraction of very small particles produced during grinding and cutting. If you have to work with the angle grinder at your workplace or cut something with a plasma cutter, this unit is a real all-rounder for extracting all types of exhaust fumes. A pre-filter and a main filter clear the air and return it clean to the environment. And another fantastic feature: Instead of a carbon brush motor, the xFUME FLEX has a brushless motor for a longer service life span.

More information about xFUME FLEX on our website!

xFUME ADVANCED – when it comes to more than normal situations

With the xFUME ADVANCED line, up to two fume extraction torches connect for two welding stations next to each other. xFUME_ADVANCED_actionThis fume extraction system is particularly suitable for our ABICOR BINZEL fume extraction torches RAB GRIP and RAB GRIP HE (high efficiency). Fume extraction torches of other manufacturers easily connected to this unit. As well.

The xFUME ADVANCED is small and compact and is ideal for mobile use because it is easy to move from one workstation to another. The automatic start/stop function – which switches on using current clamps as an option – keeps operating costs low and reduces wear on the carbon brushes to a minimum. You can also control the two connections for the welding torches independently of each other. And the most convenient feature is the cleaning process is 100 percent automated, so you don't have to worry about the daily cleaning of the filter because the collected particles are blown out with a compressed air pulse and fall into a dust box. You can simply empty it daily in standard operation, saving you time and money due to equipment failure.

3 big advantages for your welding needs:

  • up to two torches can be connected
  • higher extraction performance because of 2 x 0,8 KW-motors
  • 100 percent automatic cleaning

Use xFUME ADVANCED for MIG welding applications that use or produce chrome hex or manganese, stainless steel or zinc oxide welding applications, or thicker material. No matter the welding wire used – from metalcore to flux-cored and from small wire to thick – xFUME VAC ADVANCED captures the weld smoke and keeps your plant clean and healthy.

More information about xFUME ADVANCED on our website!

xFUME PRO – the champion among the fume extraction systems

The xFUME PRO is the perfect choice for those looking for a particularly powerful fume extractor. xFUME_PRO_actionThis unit is powerful enough to deliver full performance over a distance of up to 30 metres – and fits up to four welding torch systems!

xFUME PRO runs all day long – designed and made for 24 hour continuous operation. Use it with your manual fume extraction torches for every shift, or use with your robotic welding cells. Our robotic torches ABIROB® A 500, W 500, W 600 and W 652 fit easily with our new xFUME ROBO extraction kit, should not be missing from any robotic workstation that does not have a central extraction system.

Like with the xFUME ADVANCED, xFUME PRO uses automatic filter cleaning. In addition, this unit does not have a brush motor but a side channel compressor, which is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. All this meets the needs to fume extraction welding, whether for manual or robot welding.

More information about xFUME PRO on our website!

Need W3? Rest easy, because a W3 version of all three xFUME units is expected summer 2020.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Want to see these first hand? Please feel free to contact us.

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