Fume Extraction Kits for Manual, Machine & Robotic Welding Torches

Posted by Danny Seddon on Sep 23, 2020 3:49:29 AM
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If you are looking to invest in Fume Extraction equipment but you don't want to use manual Fume Extraction torches because they are too heavy, you're using a Machine/Robotic torch and you're concerned about access issues or you're simply on a tight budget - then here are a few external kits that you can use with your existing setup.

RAS Torch Kits 

The RAS fume extraction option is an economical and ergonomic alternative to integrated fume extraction torches e.g. RAB GRIP.

Depending on the application, RAS can be quickly and easily connected to and disconnected from the welding torch by a simple clamp.

RAS can be used with all manual MIG/MAG welding torches with a metal neck jacket and an outer diameter of 13, 16,18 and 20 mm, with & without air stream control.

Different extraction nozzles allow effective extraction depending on welding Position. RAS can be connected to all usual exhaust machines with connector diameters Ø 50/45/40 mm.

Manual & Machine torch version : 


Robotic torch version (through-arm & over-arm): 






Like with manual fume extraction, the design of the shroud fittings must lend themselves to capture the smoke without interrupting the process. Ensuring the extraction kits avoid causing unnecessary robot crashes and gives the robot torch front end access to the part are other critical factors to consider when looking to robotic fume extraction at the source.

The Robotic versions of the optional xFUME ROBO kits are available for :

  • Air & Water Cooled Torches (ABIROB®) 
  • Over-arm & through-arm systems.


Over-arm version :


Through-arm version :




Flexible Fume Nozzles 

These are ideal for MIG & TIG welding especially for bench work where you aren‘t moving down long weld runs. With its funnel style extraction opening (round or fish-tail) and magnetic mounting stand, it gives the welder a great amount of flexibility as he/she is able to position the nozzle directly over their weld.


These types of nozzles can be easily connected to a portable fume extraction unit via an external extraction hose (see above illustration).

This setup is a very cost-effective solution to removing those harmful welding fumes whilst TIG welding.

Example setup : 


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