Differences in welding fume extraction torches: from the extraction nozzle to the cable assembly

Posted by André Faber on Oct 20, 2020 4:56:45 AM
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The decision to purchase and use a fume extraction system and a fume extraction torch to capture the health-endangering welding fumes directly at the source is becoming increasingly easier for many people. The awareness of the potentially hazardous gases in welding fumes has cleary spread throughout the industry.


Which fume extraction torch is best for you depends on many factors. The main criterias to consider when making your decision are:

  • Ergonomics
  • Flexibility
  • Price

You should look at the entire torch from the extraction nozzle to the cable assembly. Let us explore this together...

Ergonomic fume extraction torch - Is that possible?

Various components of a fume extraction torch contribute to the ergonomics of the torch. The cable assembly makes an enormous difference in weight and therefore in the ergonomics of welding. You can save weight by using a combined gas/wire hose. By eliminating one of the hoses, the cable assembly becomes lighter overall.

The use of weight-reduced cable assemblies with aluminium wires in the Bikox cable for air-cooled fume extraction torches is also a very good relief for the welder. Since the handling weight is one of the biggest problems for the user with fume extraction torches, it is important that it is reduced by exactly such methods.

The design of the handle is also very important for ergonomics. If the welding torch is well balanced, the strain on the wrist is reduced. Especially with long welding seams a thumb rest helps to prevent early fatigue. Also a light so-called banana shape and a handle diameter as small as possible contribute to ergonomics.

Smaller hose diameter without compromising fume extraction performance

Another possibility for improving the ergonomics and therefore the handling of a fume extraction torch is a combined hose. This means that the diameter of the rear part of the hose remains relatively large in order to obtain the necessary volume flow. The diameter of the front part of the hose, which is crucial for handling, becomes smaller. This leads to a more ergonomic and more comfortable handling of the torch, without affecting the extraction performance.

Today, modern welding torch manufacturers use flow simulation software in their development departments to obtain the perfect internal geometry on the handle of a fume extraction torch. A well balanced inner geometry and an ergonomic exterior combined with low weight are the key features of a good fume extraction torch.

Flexible fume extraction torch with extra extraction connection

Many torch manufacturers have recently taken the approach of separating the extraction connection from the connection housing. This avoids possible collisions between the extraction connection and plugs or switches of the connected power source. The big advantage is also that any power source can be connected without problems. The flexible. fume extraction torch with the extraction connection closer to the process allows this.

With a small extraction nozzle you can reach every welding seam without problems

When it comes to the extraction nozzle, it is excellent if the torch manufacturer designs it accordingly, so that it is as small as possible, but operates with the highest capture rate. With a small extraction nozzle, the user can move flexibly in different positions and has a clear view of the weld pool.

For special forced positions, which the user occasionally gets into during welding, an extra supply air slide on the fume extraction torch is ideal. If pores occur in the forced position during welding, external air can be sucked in by opening the supply air slide. In this way the torch has a lower volume flow at the front and does not suck shielding gas away from the process.

Save costs with standard wear parts

When considering the price of a fume extraction torch it is important to pay attention to two things. FirstlyFES_Fume_Extraction_Action_01, it is convenient if the torch requires standard wear parts. This way, the transition from normal torches to fume extraction torches is not too extensive and you can continue using the existing wear parts. In addition, you save money because the standard wear parts are purchased in higher quantities.

On the other hand, don't forget that you will also need an extraction unit with your new fume extraction torch. It is easy and practical (and often cheaper) if you can get this as a combined system from the same manufacturer. These systems communicate with each other because they are perfectly matched. A good example of this is an automatic switch-on device for fume extraction systems: The fume extraction system is only in action when the welding process is on.

If you have any further questions regarding the selection of the perfect fume extraction torch and the most suitable fume extraction system for you, our eBook on fume extraction technology will help you!

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