BINZEL BASICS: Air-cooled MIG Welding Torch Maintenance Tips

Posted by Danny Seddon on Mar 6, 2018 1:27:51 PM
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During my years as an Area Sales Manager, there was one question that I regularly got asked from our customers & welders:

"Danny, why am I going through an excessive amount of contact tips, gas nozzles, gas diffusors, tip adaptors & liners?"

The answer may be simple.

First check the following: 

1. Is the tip adaptor & contact tip loose?

  • Loose front end consumables will result in overheating & poor current transfer - make sure they are tight.
  • Contact tips will look overheated (cooked).
  • Diffusers will have a burnt look at the edges - the diffuser is wearing away or cracked
  • Liners with signs of overheating ringlets may even look melted together.Spanners_Blog_Pic.png

Next step:

2. Is there a gas flow problem?

  • Use a gas flow tester to check what is actually being delivered to the front end of the torch.
  • Welding at a current of 300 amps will require between 16-18 litres per minute.
  • MIG torches are gas cooled and need gas to not only protect the weld metal but gas also cools the front end consumables and increases their lifetime.



Regarding Liners:

3. Liners must be fitted correctly to avoid wire feeding problems:

  • Short or poorly fitted liners will result in wire burn backs. See fitting instructions on the liner packet.
  • The liner should have a 45 degree angle at the front end so it fits centrally in the flute at the back of the contact tip.
  • If you're using a torch with a removable neck - such as an ABIMIG A T or W T, consider using neck liners to make a quick neck change.


Follow these simple 'Care & Maintenance' tips and you'll see a significant reduction in your consumables usage.


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