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3 Reasons to Use Fume Extraction Torches

Posted by Etienne Blouin on Jan 9, 2017 10:35:54 AM
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Every welding project generates hazardous fumes and smoke that can be dangerous to welders if inhaled.  One way to improve the safety of welding torch operators is with fume extraction torches.  Our Fume Extraction Torches offer efficient fume extraction through the torch itself.  Its unique design solutions make it the best option for welding fume extraction.  While there are multiple fume extraction options in the market, here are three things to consider when making your fume extraction torch selection.


1. Operational Use: When choosing a fume extraction torch, it is important to consider how the size and bulkiness of the torch will affect welding operations. Many fume extraction products on the market are heavy and cumbersome for the welder to use because of the technology added to the torch for the fume extraction process.  This added weight and size can make it difficult for a welder to perform their tasks properly, and can lead to welder fatigue and potentially injury. The xFume solves this issue by using aluminum in extraction tube for weight savings, and uses a smaller diameter extraction hose for better handling and flexibility. It also has a handle with extraction control and a swivel joint.  The innovative ABICOR BINZEL lightweight Bikox also allows for considerable weight reduction for air cooled torches.

2. Fume Removal at the Source: Many fume extraction torches on the market do not remove welding fumes at the source of the arc. By not extracting fumes at the source of the arc, they run the risk of hazardous fumes entering the workspace and potentially causing harm to the welder.  xFume has a special design which guarantees highly efficient smoke removal directly at the source without affecting the protective gas shield.  This direct extraction at the arc is the best way to ensure protection of the welder’s respiratory system.

3. Welding Station Flexibility: Depending on the number of welding work stations in your facility, a portable or centrally located fume extraction system may meet your needs. Those decisions are matters of your workforce size and budget, and the type of system you would use would impact the kind of fume gun that would work best for your operation.  An example of this is that any fume extraction system is a HI-VAC system, but with portable systems, the air flow is normally less, meaning a low-flow gun would be a better operational fit.  For a Central Vacuum system, a high-flow gun would be the best option. xFume easily installs to any of these HI-VAC systems and  in all existing MIG/MAG work stations, making it the best fume extraction torch solution for any welding environment. 

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