The Importance of Safety When Operating Welding Torches

Posted by Craig Rice on Jan 4, 2017 10:22:06 AM
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Welding is an incredibly useful skill, and can be used in a variety of industries of manufacturing. With the demand for welders increasing on a global scale, more and more people are getting into the field. 

At ABICOR BINZEL we offer a wide variety of welding torches to fit your needs and requirements. One of the first things any welder should know though, are the safety features and procedures that you should have in place for your welding projects.


Safety Tips When Welding

Dress for Safety:

The correct protective wear is necessary for safe welding conduct. This includes clean clothing to avoid providing grease or oil that my potentially catch fire. Eye protection and a welding helmet with the proper grade filter lens should always be worn in addition to protective gloves.

These items help to prevent burns and damage to your eyes and skin. 

Protective hearing devices should also be worn to ensure protection if noise levels exceed OSHA standards.

Check Your Area:

Make sure your work area is clear of combustibles, to avoid a stray spark that could potentially ignite a fire. Protective screens and barriers should be considered to prevent a stray spatter or arc flash rays from causing damage to you and people around you.

Watch Out for Electricity:

Electrical shocks can be deadly, so you need to make sure that all electrical parts are labelled, and that you never touch a live part. Any time you need to hook up or change electrodes, contact tips, or other parts that require electricity, make sure that the power source is disconnected.

The Air You Breathe:

Many of these safety worries we can see, and are easy to remember, but we often forget about taking care of the air we breathe while working. Fumes and gases created by welding can deplete air quality, causing injury and long term health conditions. Always keep your head out, and away from the fumes, and wear an air-supplied respirator in confined areas or when the breathing air is not safe. Also make sure your work area is well ventilated with fans and air extractors for enclosed areas.  Fume extraction systems are perfect for this as they remove the fumes at the source using when used in conjunction with a fume extraction MIG welding gun like those in our xFume series.

Make sure that you, as well as your colleagues, stay safe when they are performing their welding tasks. Talk to us about safety equipment, training, and features to go along with your welding gear.

Looking at a safety solution like Fume Extraction? We have a free and informative guide on what you need to know about fume extraction before getting started. Download it here:

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