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SpinArc - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Aaron Harker on Feb 23, 2017 3:00:00 PM
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SpinArc gets you game changing technology in your welding operation. The process and the results are proven. For you it’s an intriguing solution, but you have a complex welding operation to run, and incorporating something like SpinArc must mean a lot of time and energy, right?

Well, you might be surprised at how quickly and easily SpinArc will give you that return you’re looking form and with less time involved than you expected. Here we are going to walk through some of the Frequently Asked Questions and how implementing SpinArc can add to their bottom line. 


Change Takes Time

We’re all busy and need to see quick results. Making a change like your welding process is an important decision that has a lot riding on it. Don’t you want to make a decision that is sure to save you time and money?

With SpinArc, you will get both. All equipment investments take planning and cost, but with SpinArc, the payback is forever. SpinArc is made to give value at the outset and return on investment forever. SpinArc can eliminate time consuming rework and drastically reduces the beveling that consumes welding operations time and productivity.

Is SpinArc Going to Return my Investment?

In the right application, absolutely it will. When you’re looking at an equipment cost, remember you’re investing in a solution, not just a product. SpinArc solves so many of the common pain points of welding, and does so in such a short time, that you’ll see the returns you seek in weeks if not days. The testing and the in-field research done with SpinArc by end users like you has shown real and proven savings.

To give you an idea of the type of returns you’re looking at, we’ve developed an ROI Calculator that shows the kind of cost savings you can reasonably expect to show you that SpinArc delivers quick and sizable return on investment.

Equipment upgrades are important decisions, but when they solve problems for a sustained period of time they’re never regretted.

What about Procedure Qualification Record?

The barriers faced requiring a new PQR are the same if you were going to change from a large bevel to a narrow groove/reduced bevel or if you were changing some other essential variable. In fact, if you are already using machine MIG welding with solid wire, there’s a good chance the only change you’ll need to make is writing a new WPS.  Easy!

If you do have to write a new PQR, it’s important to consider the increases you’ll be realizing in production, time, and performance. You’re looking at anywhere from a 30 to 40 percent improvement in production with SpinArc; the sacrifice of creating a new PQR is far outweighed by savings like that!

Can SpinArc only be used with automation equipment? What other equipment does it need?

SpinArc was designed to be used with automation equipment, but that doesn’t mean go out and buy a robot.

Equipment can be as simple as a positioner or a torch holder – like a gantry positioner or a bug you can find from several vendors. Likewise, SpinArc can be affixed to manipulators, seamers, or weld lathes.

There are several positioners and gantry systems SpinArc fit on to. What’s better, you can accessorize SpinArc with several welding optimization products like laser sensors or shielding gas regulators to better your efficiencies and savings.

For the welding machine, most applications for SpinArc need at least 300 amp. A 400 amp, 100% duty cycle machine (or higher) is ideal.

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Does SpinArc Work with Sub Arc equipment?

No, you really need to use a 400 Amp or greater MIG welding system.

Can SpinArc Use Gas-shielded Flux-core?

Yes, but it depends on the wire.  We have found that many wires can be used in the 1F, 2F positions for fillet welds. 

We are also working on some special wire formulations to weld vertical up with SpinArc.  

Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

There’s much to gain by looking at technology that can truly change and transform the way your team welds. Faster, better welds mean more production, more savings, and more business. SpinArc has proven to deliver that kind of transformation for it’s users, and can do the same for you.

Want to see more? Visit the SpinArc product page or Contact Us to see SpinArc up close.

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